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the setting

A recent photographic assignment in the North of England found me at Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire.

Built in 1132, it has the magnificence of scale of the Norman influence and just like the Tower of London which was built by William The Conqueror in 1078, it rests very easily on the eye.

I love the scale of Fountains Abbey. Doors and arches are grand in height and width. Corridors are long and appear to stretch to infinity. Such expansion allows the interior to capture the most natural light from outside. This assists greatly when photographing this monument of architectural excellence.

My trip to North Yorkshire also led me to Castle Howard. Fifteen miles North of York, this Baroque style house was built in 1699 yet took 100 years to complete.

James Richardson Photography

James Richardson Photography

Castle Howard, North Yorkshire

the method

James Richardson Photography

James Richardson Photography

Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire

The light ‘Cotswold’ colour stone exterior of Castle Howard offers a photographic feast, especially during the golden hours of the morning and evening with the light bouncing gently off the elevations. Castle Howard’s exterior and interior grandeur lent itself perfectly to the filming of ITV’s 1981 adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited.  

Castle Howard also has a large chapel inside the actual house. It is larger than many village churches! It’s an extraordinary sight!

For this trip to North Yorkshire I used my Canon 5D MKiii and 24 - 70mm F4 L series lens.

The weather for Fountains Abbey was overcast, yet available light was plentiful due to the expansiveness of the architecture. Outside I was working between ISO 1200 - ISO 400 at f11, shutter speed between 125th - 80th second. Inside, my ISO ranged between 1600 - 3200, aperture between f8 - f4; and shutter speed between 80th - 20th second.

The weather for Castle Howard was much brighter with clear skies. Working inside with an ISO 2500 at f5.6, and a shutter speed between 80th - 40th second. Outside, the bright clear skies meant I could enjoy ISO 100 at f10 - f6.3 with a shutter speed of 100th second.

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